Implementing Key Management and Access Control at Auburn University

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Company Profile

Auburn University – A state university with approximately 22,000 students and 7,000 faculty and staff members located in Auburn, Alabama.

Technology Objective

To provide a secure and safe environment for the students, faculty and university staff through successful key management and access control.

The Challenge

Auburn University has more than 230 buildings spread out across campus and is continually put to the test keeping vulnerable areas secure (e.g., dorms, libraries, laboratories), while providing easy access to authorized individuals. With many of the buildings on campus more than 100 years old, traditional locks and keys play a significant role in access control and key management is a tremendous security concern.

Morse Watchmans Solution

KeyWatcher—Wall-mounted Key Storage Cabinet eliminates outdated lock boxes, unreliable manual logs, and messy key identification tags. The KeyWatcher intelligent key management system helps prevent lost or stolen keys by only releasing assigned key to users with the proper authorization code and recording the access history of each key, including user, date, and time of checkout/return.

In Action

Auburn selected the KeyWatcher system based on the wide-range of security and access control issues the solution was able to help overcome. Utilizing seven KeyWatcher key banks, Auburn allows security, facility and emergency personnel to access authorized keys to secure areas when needed, as well as track when the keys are taken, who has them and when they are returned. In turn, should a key be checked out longer than authorized, KeyWatcher alerts the central system and personnel to the oversight.

The Results

Since the keys no longer need to be carried at all times, key exposure is minimized, greatly reducing the number of lost keys and the potential for security breaches by unauthorized individuals. Keys are tracked while in use, including times and user names, ensuring prompt return when no longer in use or notifying the appropriate person should a key go checked out beyond the specified period of time.

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Keywatcher Features

  • Extensive and Detailed Reporting Options
  • Advanced Network Capabilities
  • Real-time Transaction Polling
  • Centralized Programming
  • Up to 2,000 User Codes
  • Secure Single-Key Access
  • Secure Card Slot and Locker Options
  • Secure Storage For Up to 1,000 Keys
Auburn UniversityStandard KeywatcherKeyWatcher – Standard (40 Keys)

“We have a total of seven of KeyWatcher cabinets in various locations around campus, all networked back to a central computer. KeyWatcher has proven to be a reliable product with minimal need for maintenance.”

Marlan Sagar, Access Control Center Supervisor – Auburn University

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