Key Control in High Technology Computer & Electronics Manufacturing

In the extremely competitive world of high technology computer and electronics manufacturing, physical security at some companies is so stringent that employees must pass through a gauntlet of physical security measures in order to reach their desk or work area. And while this is an extreme example, it is true that computer manufacturers rely heavily on research and development to keep their competitive edge. Physical security, along with established policies and procedures, helps to maintain a secure facility. Continue reading

Key Control Systems Fit the Needs of Today’s Religious Centers

Throughout history, churches, synagogues, mosques and other religious buildings have been pivotal anchors in the community. Along with their primary use as a place of worship, they have also served as places of refuge, schools or community centers to name a few. In order to accommodate these and other needs of today’s society, religious centers have adapted their buildings to be more user friendly while maintaining a high level of safety and security for the occupants and facilities. Continue reading